In this category of my blog I will be posting various shortfilms that I like and have a lot of VFX on them. Specially if they are indie low budget ones with great quality.

The first one on my blog is one called “LUNAR”, by Tyson Wade Johnston . It’s a great Sci fi short and I have included bellow also the making of video and a link to a blog post of his explaining the process in more detail.

Watch the making of and a the detailed blog post, after the break:


- Making of Blog post –

vfxshortfilms_lunar_01 vfxshortfilms_lunar_02 vfxshortfilms_lunar_03 vfxshortfilms_lunar_04 vfxshortfilms_lunar_05 vfxshortfilms_lunar_06 vfxshortfilms_lunar_07