“Vimana-Club de Cine” made a shortfilm called “5 Minutos”. It’s about a person waking up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. I did vfx work on two scenes.

Campus Destroyed
In this scene, the main actor was running away from a zombie and got to a section of the university where everything was destroyed. For this shot I was given one photograph of the place. I did a digital matte painting with Photoshop, adding blood, cracks on the floor, broken windows, a new sky, etc. Then I broke different sections of it in several layers. Later I distributed those layers in 3D space inside After Effects, where I created a virtual camera and animated it to make the shot more alive. I also added fire, smoke and explosion elements using stock footage.

“Glass Breaks”:
In this scene, a zombie needed to break a window an climb through it to attack the main actor. They tried using a sugar glass but had trouble with it, so they shot the scene without any glass in the window. I composited in the glass on the window for it to appear as there was one at first and then break it too. I used a mix of glass breaking stock footage and various filters within After Effects, also did roto work on both actors to mix the glass behind / in front of them, specially for the various pieces of glass flying out and the remaining parts on the window frame when it breaks.

——————— Watch the complete shortfilm after the break ——————-

“5 Minutos” Shortfilm