I have been working this past weeks on a very cool project. There is a new educational TV Channel opening on my country and they need their whole “on screen” channel branding done for them. I am producing a short demo for them with Nuno Acosta and Andrés Silva (AKA “Makinita”). We are not using their logo or brand directly but showing some of the style and ideas we could do for their branding. We decided to use a mix of real footage, 2D animated Characters and some 3D elements.

The demo is not finished yet but I wanted to share in this post some behind the scenes, tests and very short “almost finished” videos from it.

Nuno Acosta: Concept
Makinita: 2D Character Animation
Me: Direction, Camera Shoot, 3D model and animation, compositing, editing.

——  Some shots (not final audio, animation or color grade):  ——

Scene “Próximamente” (short section)

First Scene Shot 01 “Almost finished”:


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